World League 2017 Teams to Watch

The Volleyball World League will be one of the hottest fixtures this summer and fans and volleyball enthusiasts can’t wait for it to start. Who will be the winner? Here are the teams you should watch.

However, for many of them the summer is too far away and they try to keep those excitement levels up by reading detailed previews of volleyball and other sports matches on

In this article we will try to do the same thing that the people at Sports, Bets and Tips (SBAT) do and we will try to analyze the three most exciting teams to watch at the 2017 World League. We are offering you also Bet365 bonus code.


The Reigning Champions

Serbia won the World League last year and the whole nation applauded coach Nikola Grbic for the great feat he achieved with a team which has always been among the favourites, but has never won the World League.

However, Serbia’s volleyball federation stalled on giving, the former playing legend and one of the best players in the world, a new contract and this caused outrage. Internal power struggles within the Serbian Volleyball Federation stood in the way of awarding sporting genius.

This was a man who has been respected as a player, earned his respect as a coach both at club and international level, introduced new training methods to the national team and most importantly won the World League for the first time in the country’s history and yet this was how the federation treated him.

Fortunately, the situation was resolved this February and Grbic signed a contract keeping him at the helm of the national team until 2020.

Several Serbian players have already come out saying how happy they are that the situation has finally been resolved and that now they are more motivated than ever to do the unthinkable and retain their crown.

The Favourites

Serbia will definitely be a team to look out for, but the real favourites this year will be Brazil. The Brazilians have always been at the forefront of international volleyball and this year it will be no different.

They have won the World League 7 times this century, but the last title came 7 years ago. The Cariocas will have their chance to set the record straight this summer, especially as the final tournament will be played on their home soil in front of 35 thousand screaming and dancing supporters.

And we all know just how dangerous the Brazilians are when they are playing at home. Just ask the Italians who were destroyed 3-0 in the final of last year’s Olympics.

The Newcomers

Canada got promoted to the elite after impressing in Group 2 last year. They have a new coach in Stephane Antiga, the man who led Poland to the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship title and will be an interesting team to watch for fans and neutrals alike.

Canada finished 5th in the Olympic Games and teams which will underestimate the Canadians will pay the price. They might not go all the way and win the thing, but they will definitely be exciting to watch.

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