Williams’ Sirotkin rubbishes Kubica conspiracy theory

Sergey Sirotkin has dismissed claims that Robert Kubica could impact the development of Williams’ 2018 car for his benefit, and to the detriment of the team’s full-time drivers.

As the Grove-based outfit’s reserve and development driver, Kubica will enjoy several FP1 outings this season and handle a big amount of simulator work back at the team’s factory.

Never short of controversial comments or theories, the comical Jacques Villeneuve recently suggested that the Pole could deliberately seek to undermine the efforts of Sirotkin and Lance Stroll by making the FW41 a very difficult car to drive for the two young chargers.

    Villeneuve ramps up craziness with wild Kubica claim!

The 22-year-old Russian has ridiculed the wacky conspiracy theory however.

“His dream is to race the car, not to be the third driver, and so I do not underestimate this point. In his situation I would do exactly the same,” he said.

While envisaging the possibility, Sirotkin admitted the idea was far-fetched due to the extensive engineering monitoring that goes on during a car’s development.

“Technically it’s possible,” he told Sport FM. “But I know Robert and he’s a good guy, so just as a person he would not do it.

“Plus, in your work you are trying to improve the car, not just improve it for yourself. So even if he wanted to, I think physically it would not be so easy.

“The team will think ten times about why the car needs this or that change to give an improvement in performance,” Sirotkin added.

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