Residents of Welsh Village Set to Become UK's First Climate Refugees As Soon As 2042

Residents of a Welsh coastal village are set to become the first climate refugees in the United Kingdom.

The 850 residents of Fairbourne will meet next month to discuss a plan that the local lawmaking body, Gwynedd Council, is developing to evacuate the town by 2054 at the latest, amid concerns about rising sea levels.

Gwynedd Council determined in 2013 that defending Fairbourne from the effects of the climate crisis would not be possible in the long term. The council, along with the national agency Natural Resources Wales, funded a $6 million flood management plan over the past four years.

According to Wales Online, “there will be no money spent on defending this community of around 400 homes and 850 people after 2054,” leading the council to decide recently that decommissioning the town must be considered and that “relocating residents is a certainty.”

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