Paris Fashion Week: Women wearing women at Rick Owens

London – Subversive, artful and provocative seem to be essences of Rick Owens’
catwalk presentations. For his spring summer 2016 collection, Cyclops,
Owens showed models walking down the runway with other women strapped
upside-down to their bodies, as if they were accessories, or siamese, tied
to their torsos with straps.

What it meant was a commentary on the objectification of people,
particularly women. It was a message of female strength and sisterhood, the
weights women have to carry, their ability to support and nurture each

Straps can be about restraint or support

“Straps can be about restraint but here they are all about support and
cradling. Straps here become loving ribbons,” Owens noted.

Cyclops is the same title given to Rick Owens’ men’s SS16 collection that
he presented back in June. After the show Owens stated: “The Cyclops is a
mythological creature, formidable with focused vision. Who among us
wouldn’t appreciate that kind of description? In the spring men’s
collection, which shares the same name, that focused vision was propulsive
and aggressive. When applied to women, I see that focused vision being more
about nourishment, sisterhood, motherhood, and regeneration. Women raising
women, women becoming women and women supporting women. The world of women
I know little about and can only attempt to amuse in my own small way.”

“The music for the show is Unkle’s arrangement of This Land – the theme
from the movie ‘Exodus’ – a song I use here as a reflection on the
timelessly female way of protecting way of protecting and nurturing a
tribe, sung, live by a vocal powerhouse Eska.”

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