Melania Trump Is Hosting Her First Public Summit on Cyberbullying

Nearly a year and a half after first mentioning it, Melania Trump is set to host her first public event on cyberbullying today.

The meeting will be attended by Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Snap, and Google, among others. Trump plans to ask the companies what they are doing to combat cyberbullying, but there is no apparent plan to unveil new policies or programs. Instead, as she did in her speech at the UN and elsewhere, Trump appears set to encourage kindness on the Internet.

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The First Lady has had a rocky start on her stated focus area, not only because there seems to have been little activity, but also because her husband, as a candidate and as president has been one of the most prominent cyberbullies, leading some to point out the irony of her choice of issue. Nevertheless, in January she hired a Director of Policy and other aides, a sign of renewed focus from her office, and possibly an indication that policy proposals are in the pipeline.

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Though the juxtaposition of the President’s Twitter account and his wife’s calls for online civility is stark, her motivation for pursuing this issue is apparently based on her care for children rather than the harassment received by adults, or the spread of false information.

At the time of publication, spokespeople for the companies reportedly attending and for the First Lady had not responded to Fortune‘s request for comment.

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