Meet the 25-Year-Old Who Just Won a Meghan Markle Look-Alike Contest

Lukwesa Morin, 25, a student from Washington, D.C., is the first to really catch fire. She recently won a Meghan Markle look-alike contest through dating site, and the Internet is taking note.

Morin says it’s hardly the first time she’s been singled out for her resemblance to the TV star and royal fiancée.

“I get told weekly, from perfect strangers, that I look like Meghan Markle,” she explained to the site. “Whenever I’m out random people will approach me and tell me that I look like ‘the girl from Suits’ or ‘Prince Harry’s new fiancée.’ I was once mistaken for her while shopping at the mall with a friend of mine.”

We can definitely see why someone would make that mistake …

Mark Martin

Mark Martin

Unlike Markle, Morin is still single, and definitely open to the royal dating pool.

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“I think it would be an interesting experience to date a prince,” she revealed. “So if there is one out there I’m looking for authenticity and openness in a future partner, someone who is successful career-wise and maintains a strong sense of purpose. Intelligence is a given. Ideally, someone full of empathy and care, with a great sense of humor.”

Mark Martin

Amen, Lukwesa.

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