Lynx and 6876 collaboration

A grooming-on-the-go revolution is promised to kick start with the collaboration of male grooming label Lynx and 6876. The contemporary British menswear brand teamed up with Lynx to design a carry-case for the new pocket-sized Lynx Bullet range. Bullet is a portable body spray, which gives guys an instant boost on the go. The case is designed to complement the product’s commitment to 24/7 urban living. 6876’s case replaces a wallet, keeping all the pocket essentials guys need in one stylish unit.

Kenneth McKenzie, 6876 designer and co-founder, said: “Through the flux of evolving lifestyles and environments it was fairly straightforward to visualize the link between our philosophy of adaptable clothing & the flexibility inherent in the Lynx Bullet. In today’s hectic 24 hour culture, every little advantage counts.”

The Lynx Bullet pocket size carry-case was inspired by a classic munitions satchel and resembles a clam shell shape. The case easily sits in a pocket, can be worn on a belt, around the wrist or tethered to a bag/jeans. 6876 chose to construct the holder from reinforced stitched black leather so it will weather, age and develop over time with the Lynx Bullet at its heart.

6876 is renowned for its use of technologically advanced fabrics, and was created in 1995. The name 6876 was derived from landmark dates in the development of modern culture. 1968 was the year French society took to the streets in an explosion of social energy and 1976 the birth of a new modern music culture and thinking. 6876 is determined to go its own way and not be a slave to trends and targets by taking inspiration from art, music, idealism, architecture, product design and nature.

The Lynx Bullet holder will be available online at or from half January, priced at £29.99.

Image: Lynx Bullet

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