CFDA issues model guidelines

The Council of Fashion Designers of America has issued a list of recommendations for the health of fashion models. Hot on the heels of Italy and Spain , the US has finally decided to speak out and take a stand on issues of anorexia and bulimia amongst models. The organisation is leaving the back door open, however, by issuing “suggestions” that are not binding. They include keeping models under age 16 off the runway and not allowing models under 18 to work on fittings or photo shoots past midnight . Models with eating disorders should receive professional help, and at fashion shows, healthy meals and snacks should be provided. Smoking and alcohol should be prohibited. There is no mention, however, of introducing a minimum Body Mass Index, as was the case in Spain . “The CFDA Health Initiative is about awareness and education, not policing,” the CFDA said in a statement. “Therefore, the committee is not recommending that models get a doctor’s physical examination to assess their health or body mass index to be permitted to work. Eating disorders are emotional disorders that have psychological, behavioural, social and physical manifestations, of which body weight is only one.”

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