Awkwardly, Neither Queen Elizabeth Nor Meghan Markle Knew Royal Protocol on This

When it comes to royal etiquette, the British royal family is expected to be up to speed. Requisite curtseys? They’ll comply. No bright nail polish? They’ll throw it away. 

But transportation rules? Well, let’s just say those are less clear. This uncertainty led to Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle’s minor faux pas during their first royal visit together on Thursday. After traveling together for 165 miles by royal train—a luxury that not even Prince Harry, Prince William, or Kate Middleton have been allowed to do yet for a royal visit—things hit a snag. 

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After arriving in Chester for the first time, they made their way to a car … and stalled. It seemed that both of them were unsure about who was meant to get into the car first, but thankfully, Markle spoke up about it right away.

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“What is your preference?” People reports she asked Queen Elizabeth. 

“You go first,” the queen finally said, clearing up the situation at once. 

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The whole encounter was caught on video above, which is quite funny. All’s well that ends well though, because it wasn’t long until Markle and the queen were back to laughing together once again.

Mark Cuthbert

Let it be a lesson to future royals: It might be worthwhile to read up on transit rules, even if you’re mostly just taking the train. 

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